What is email management?

Email management is the way that you structure and organize your email. 

When everything is heading into the same folder, your inbox, it becomes super easy to lose track, leading to the email equivalent of a 20-car pileup. 

But when you put proper email management solutions into place, messages will automatically be delivered to the correct folder, SPAM will be instantly deleted, and you will end up actually receiving the emails that you want.

We develop inbox rules to help automatically sort your email
✓ We clean out your inbox, deleting old and unnecessary messages
✓ We check your email for you daily or weekly
We set up follow up systems to help you respond to your clients

Why is email management important?

Imagine trying to work when your desk is buried under hundreds, or even thousands, of letters. For many people, that’s the reality of their email folder.

As a small business owner, your email is likely under assault by hundreds of message a day. From your actual clients, to potential customers, to solicitations, to SPAM, it's so easy to lose track, leading to an utterly disorganized disaster in your inbox. 

The problem is that, within that mess, there could be incredibly important emails that you have been waiting for from client. 

You need an email management system that will ensure the messages you need end up in your inbox, while the rest get shuffled off to other folders to be dealt with later.

How can we help?

If email management takes up way too much of your day, we can take it over for you!

We can create email rules that will automatically sort different types of messages into their relevant folders. We can monitor your email to make sure that any critical messages are immediately flagged and brought to your attention. 

If your inbox is already packed with thousands upon thousands of old emails, we can go through every single one, deleting the SPAM and out-of-date emails while organizing the rest into much more manageable subfolders; we can also set-up automatic follow up messages so your clients will never need to wait long for a response.

WE TAKE email entirely off your plate, allowing you to get back to doing the important tasks!

Services we provide:

· Creating automatic email sorting rules

· Cleaning out and organizing inboxes

· Monitoring your daily email, flagging anything important

· Respond to non-essential emails on your behalf

· Following up with potential clients and current customers

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